Learn More Here About Dressing up Men’s Clothing for a Woman

Women often raid their significant other’s closet because they love the way men’s clothing looks and feels on them. In fact, fashion designers have taken notice and now use many of the same design elements in female clothing, such as in boyfriend jeans. If you enjoy this trend and often borrow clothing from the man in your life, you want to ensure that you make the look truly your own. This is easy to do so when you add a few pieces of jewelry along with a great set of shoes and a trendy purse. What type of jewelry might you wear with an outfit of this kind?

Tennis Bracelets

This type of jewelry gets its name from a tennis match that was held in 1987 and the style remains popular today. Women the world over love this item as it is both sporty and sophisticated all at once. It can be worn with any outfit the woman is wearing, from a formal dress to a pair of jeans and a blouse. When wearing a business suit, a tennis bracelet is the perfect accompaniment as it adds a feminine touch to what could otherwise be considered a masculine outfit. Be sure to compare the many types of tennis bracelets available today to find the one you love and wish to wear regularly.

Rainbow Jewelry

When wearing any type of male clothing, add some color to the outfit with the help of rainbow jewelry. Buying this type of jewelry ensures a woman has a piece of jewelry that goes with any outfit she chooses to wear. These pieces come in a wide range of styles, from the above mentioned tennis bracelets to chunky rings. One piece of rainbow jewelry can coordinate with countless other items in the woman’s jewelry box, making it the perfect addition to any collection.

Men’s clothing can actually make a woman appear more feminine, as Coco Chanel found when she first started this trend many years ago. Make certain the clothing is the right size and add some feminine touches to truly demonstrate your sense of style. Combine the men’s clothing with women’s jewelry, high heels, and muted makeup for the perfect appearance every time. If you would like more information on dressing up men’s clothing, learn more here.